Review of Lennox ML193 ML180 ML180E Gas Furnace

by admin on September 30, 2011

Lennox Gas Furnaces models that are given below come under the Merit® Series and is known as a Power Saver as the motor operates at constant torque to help and maintain consistent air flow. With the Power Saver technology it has not only does it provide an energy boost but it helps in improving the overall system efficiency and it is much similar to a variable speed furnace. These models have high SEER ratings in cooling mode.

Brand                    Model Number

Lennox                 ML193

Lennox                 ML180

Lennox                 ML180E

All the features for the above models are the same and they come with an efficiency rating of 93% AFUE all these models can save you hundreds of dollars annually as when compared to standard furnaces.  The product is Energy Star qualified which means the furnace also meets with or exceeds U.S. federal guidelines for energy efficiency.  The stainless steel secondary heat exchanger is what allows the furnace to reach high efficiency levels. This is done by capturing additional heat. The efficiency rating of 93% AFUE annual fuel utilization efficiency can save you on hundreds of dollars on your energy bills each year and this is proven when compared to standard furnaces.

The Energy Star qualified product meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency. The Sealed blower compartment—is what helps the unit to minimize any losses and maximizes efficiency and comfort. It has less than 1% leakage at 1.0″ ESP. The Dual-fuel capability can be combined with an electric heat pump. This dual capability aids to enhance the comfort and the fuel efficiency by alternating it between electric and gas heat and optimizing energy use and also for minimizing heating costs. With the stainless steel secondary heat exchanger there will be no corrosion and it allows the furnace to reach the highest efficiency levels by capturing additional heat. The robust blower assembly also exceeds industry standard airflow  and this is for even temperatures and for improved comfort and the Duralok Plus® heat exchanger is made of patented ArmorTuf™ aluminized steel so as to ensure that their is high reliability and efficiency. With the SureLight® igniter and silicon nitride construction gives long product life to the unit and reliable operation. The Durable steel cabinet is made to last, with a resilient and attractive textured-paint finish and the SureLight integrated control board is what ensures full control of furnace operation. The Sealed blower compartment minimizes losses and maximizes efficiency and comfort.

Lennox ML180 ML180E ML193 Gas Furnace Prices

Prices for these models will start from around $2,400 and go up to $4,400

Lennox Gas Furnaces come with 20-Year Limited Warranty on heat exchanger 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components. This product may be eligible for valuable 10-Year Limited Extended Warranty coverage.

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