Review of Lennox EL195 SL280V Gas Furnace

by admin on October 2, 2011

The Lennox Gas Furnaces are manufactured to give you quality heating during the winter time. When you need to install a new furnace or even to replace the existing unit, Lennox have many ranges and models to choose from so you can purchase one that suits your budget and the space that you have in your home.

Lennox Model Number: EL195

The Lennox model EL195E’s has a power saver torque motor that is known to be up to 33% more efficient. This efficiency is more than the standard single stage motors. It is up to as much as 200% more in its efficiency. It also has a constant fan mode.  The product has received the Energy Star rating which means you get a good energy efficient product working that also will give you a tax rebate offered by the state. Which means the furnace meets or exceeds U.S. federal guidelines for energy efficiency. This unit has a Power Saver motor that operates at length with the constant torque and it helps to help maintain the consistent air flow in to the home. With the power saver technologies not only will this unit provide you with energy boost capabilities but it also is able to continuously improve the overall system efficiency. This is almost similar to having a variable speed furnace. The difference is that it delivers a higher SEER rating when it is in cooling mode.  When the unit is in the continuous fan mode, then the technology is what helps to keep the energy waste at the lowest minimum.

Lennox Model Number SL280V

This model has an Efficiency rating of 95% AFUE and this can help you save hundreds of dollars that is annually when compared to standard furnaces manufactured by other manufacturers. The product model is Energy Star qualified and it also meets or exceeds the EPA guidelines that are given for energy efficiency and finally this means you save on energy. Power Saver motor operates at constant torque to help maintain consistent air flow. With Lennox’s Power Saver technologies not only will it provide the unit with an energy boost capabilities but it is successful in also improving the overall system efficiency. This technology offered by Lennox is somewhat more similar to having a variable speed furnace. It also has features such as Secondary heat exchanger, Duralok Plus heat exchanger that is made of patented Armor Tuf steel also Sure Light igniter and silicone nitride construction and Sure Light control board direct-readout diagnostics.

Prices of Lennox EL195 SL280V

The prices of the models will start from around $3,500 and upwards.

Lennox Gas Furnaces come with Lifetime Limited Warranty on heat exchanger and 5-Year Limited Warranty on al covered components.

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