Heil Gas Furnace Review

by admin on October 4, 2011

A product of United Technologies, Heil Gas Furnaces is manufactured to the very best level to give you the best in heating and cooling solutions.  Heil brand is owned by United Technologies. Marketed under the Heil brand name they manufacture products that are related to the heating industry and these items include humidifiers, UV purification units and also condensing units. The units are a huge energy saving source and it comes to you with the excellent and the very best in terms of the features that it has.

The features for these units include two-speed condenser fan with a two-stage compressor that is fitted in the Heil unit. It also has R-22 for the lower range and R-410A in the high range both of which are environmentally safe and do not damage the ozone layer. The high capacity SEER ratings of 13 SEER to 18 SEER have made the Heil unit qualify to receive the Energy Star rating. The Energy Star status is given for a product that displays above average efficiency when used and it also saves you thousands of dollars when it comes to utility bills and gives you the tax reduction facility that is given to users of these energy saving products by the government. The advanced diagnostic features and with it being engineered to operate silently, this makes it a really great buy. You do not want to have a unit that drives you nuts with the whirring sound that is constant. Having created a comfort zone in your home, you need to make sure that the sounds also do not penetrate through that comfort zone. This is why the Heil units have been manufactured to operate silently.

Heil Gas Furnace Price

Compare the price of the Heil unit and you will see that you are getting a good deal. The price that is given is only indicative and it would cost you for a unit that comes with 13 SEER rating the price would be $ 1,500 upwards. While sourcing online the model Heil unit 13 seer ST-Cool Model number GPC1336H41 was found to be selling for $1,800 approximately and that is for a 3 ton package unit. Then there is the 5 ton that is going for around $2,500. Pricing differs. This is due to the per ton capacity of the units.

Heil Gas Furnaces come with a good warranty. Heil offer a limited 15 Year residential warranty for their products and they also offer a free 5-year parts warranty. To quality for this warranty the heating unit has to be on the same premises and should be the same address as when purchased. Whatever the case you would find it much cheaper to install this unit.

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