Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP17 Heat Pump Review

by admin on October 7, 2011

When you decide to purchase good heating or cooling units or even both, considering the Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP17 Heat Pump is the best solution if you are on the look out for energy efficiency. The indoor air quality also matters and this is the best comfort system that can be bought and what money can buy. Dave Lennox has a very long history and they have been in the manufacturing business for many years. With this expertise they still carry on with the founder Dave Lennox’s vision to give the consumer the best of the product. Each and every unit has been thoroughly tested so that there are not mistakes made with the product when it goes to the consumers.

What every consumer wants is to have a heat pump purchased for a good price. Then you need to know the features and the functions of the unit. These features are what will give you the best when it comes to heating. You do not want a unit that will continuously breakdown and give trouble when you need it the most. This is why you get the best when it comes to the Dave Lennox. The Dave Lennox is known as a signature line of products because it uses the cutting edge technology that gives you a good and efficient model that works with the capability to reduce the energy bills you have monthly. With the unit that you install comes the excellent back up; service as well and this means you won’t have to worry about the product as they have carved a name for themselves. With the prices being very affordable and the good warranty, what more do you need with a product? This is the ultimate choice and there are very few if not any complaints.

Review of the features of the Dave Lennox Elite Series XP17 Heat Pump

High in efficiency operation and with a High-efficiency outdoor coil and Dual fuel capability with I comfort technology it is extremely quiet in operation which is as low as 62 db. R-410A refrigerant is used for this model and the Patented scroll compressor is Equipped for Humiditrol

Model     Lennox XP17 capacity 2.5 ton is priced at $8,000 for the complete heat pump and for the 4.0 ton capacity the price is $9,000.

Warranty given by Lennox is 10-years on the compressor and for all the covered components as well. The exceptional warranty that they give is the 1 year warranty on the  Labor and also they give additional warranty which is of course available at extra cost and you can discuss this with your dealer who has Lennox products.

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